We have professionally trained and Certified Massage Therapists. They provide therapeutic care for musculoskeletal conditions and injuries as well as relaxing “feel good” massages for the overworked and overstressed. You do not have to be under Chiropractic care at our office to utilize their services.


General Massage is reported to provide a wealth of benefits, improving health in various ways by providing a boost to body processes. Some of these include:

Increased blood circulation, which in turn aids internal utilization of nutrition and increased lymph flow.

Reduced heart rate and increased oxygen capacity – 10 to 15% improvement has been documented following a massage.

Improved posture as massage stimulates weak muscles and helps shortened, contracted muscles to relax.

Increased range of motion. Lower blood pressure.

Stronger immune system.

Improved function of sebaceous and sweat glands, thereby enhancing skin condition and increasing the skin’s suppleness and softness.

Pain relief, with increased endorphin and serotonin production.

Faster muscle recovery from fatigue following exercise (that’s why we see boxers being massaged, rather than simply resting between rounds).

Helping tissues retain their elasticity, due to the gentle stretching to muscles and connective tissue.

Balancing the nervous system by providing either needed stimulation or a soothing effect.

For patients who are unable to exercise, regular massage enhances muscle tone and provides needed muscle stimulation.

Counteracts the effects of a stressful lifestyle such as restricted breathing, reduced circulation, slow digestion, hypertension, etc.

Draws people into the comforting physical sensations of the present moment, away from preoccupying thoughts.

Provides impetus to release repressed emotions, by relaxing the armor of habitual muscular tension.

Improves conditions as diverse as insomnia, allergies, digestive, disorders, arthritis, asthma, sinusitis, chronic pain, nervousness, anxiety and depression.